ABCD of Conversations

ABCD of Conversations


Any performance management system consists of three major managerial tasks - They are Performance Planning, Execution and Performance Assessment. These tasks require managers to have distinct conversations, each with a unique structure. These conversations are high stake conversations. In an ever-busy business environment, managers often mix up these conversations. Conversations are the work of a leader. While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship or a life – any single conversation can.


“ABCD Conversations” Workshop enables the participants to hold critical business conversations in a structured and timely manner. The participants will be able to manage the three broad phases of the Performance Management System by holding the required conversation in an effective manner.

  • Accountability Conversations
  • Building Trust
  • Career Conversations
  • Difficult Conversations

The participants will be able to do the pre-work required for each of these conversations. They will be able to conduct these conversations in a systematic manner. They will be able to tackle the challenges that arise in such conversations such as Clarity of Expectations, impact of Emotions and Understanding of Action Points.