Company Overview



IMPACT Consultants facilitates Individuals, Teams and Organisations to embrace change through Inspired Performance and achievement of intended Business Results. We follow a process that produces business results by improving the performance of people in an organization. Our measures are results-focused and concentrates on the gaps that exist between business and performance results. It is a systematic, performance-oriented approach that not only focuses on implementing solutions but also on achieving sustained results.


Talent Development

Talent Development

We improve business value by addressing employee performance issues through competency identification, talent development, performance management and career structure definition and our robust Management framework.

Mentoring at Workplace

Mentoring at Workplace

What sets us apart is our highly experienced team that engages passionately with the client to drive long term development initiatives that fuel the achievement of clients’ strategic needs by mentoring at the workplace.

Training Effectivenesse

Training Effectiveness

Impact Consultants believe in incorporating the learning path for an individual in the career structure, to make the employee aware about the changing requirements of the future role and providing effective training solution.


Individual Development
  • Knowledge and Skill Enhancement
  • Application at Workplace
  • Personal Development
  • Alignment to Team Goal
  • Sustainable
  • Superior
  • Performance
Support network
  • Workplace Coaching
  • Involvement of Supervior
  • Carrier Path Coaching
  • Celebrating Sucess