Assessment Solutions



Appropriate assessments at individual, team and at the organization level can help organizations jump start their talent and organizational development efforts. Assessment solutions include. Psychometric tests are used at every stage of an organization’s talent management process, starting from talent acquisition to talent development. Psychometric tests enhance the chances of organizational success by ensuring that the right fit candidates are hired, identified, and developed for critical roles. Whether it is employee engagement, appraisals, training needs identification, leadership development, or succession planning, uses of psychometric tests can be found throughout the employee life cycle.


Impact Assessment Solutions are designed to help organisations benefit from the psychometric test application. With the use of psychometric tests in L&D processes, organizations can derive better outcomes. The use of psychometric tests to gauge learning agility, motivation to learn, openness to learning, preference for a learning mode can be used to design better development plans for individuals, with the right resource utilization.

We help organizations utilize the information gathered from the assessments for a better understanding of the already existing strengths and potential. This can be used to create more well-defined career paths for employees to embrace a culture that ensures their success. The uses of psychometric tests also include enabling employees to remain happy and highly productive by empowering organizations to cater to their employees’ learning needs.

Our assessment solutions cover the following psychometric tools:

  1. MBTI
  2. DISC
  3. PIAV
  4. Belbin Team Roles
  5. Talentview of Leadership Transitions ( TLT)