Leadership Development

Leadership Development


Problem: Strategic leadership doesn’t come easily in most organizations. Statistics show that fewer than 10% of leaders exhibit strategic skills. Leaders throughout organizations face tremendous pressures to make short-term numbers and show immediate wins. Operational leadership rules the day. Leaders who excel at meeting short-term targets and solving functional problems may feel paralyzed and unsure when the challenges in front of them are far reaching and complex. When an organizational bias for action drives doing, often thinking falls by the wayside

Learning Solution: The “Winning Strategy” workshop provides the concepts, process, and practical tools needed to create and develop a winning strategy for a business or a function. The participants will learn how to make a coordinated and integrated set of five choices: A Winning Aspiration, Where To Play, How to Win, Core Capabilities, and Management Systems. The five choices make up the strategic choice cascade, the foundation of Winning Strategy framework can be applied at any level of the organization.

Learning Outcomes: The participants will be able to

  • Define Strategic Problem
  • Frame Strategic Choices
  • Generate Possibilities
  • Create Competitive Advantage (Low Cost or Differentiation)


Situation Analysis: The management intends to skill it’s people leaders in various people leading skills which include self-management, understanding others, developing others and holding others accountable. The intervention should be able to provide a safe space for the participants to reflect, gain insights and have an initial level of practice in identified skills. It should have a process which facilitates application of the learned skills at the workplace as well as documenting the impact of the change in behaviours.

The Learning Solution: The “Inspiring Self and Influencing Others” Workshop provides the principles, tools and business skills training necessary to lead a better Self-Managed life. In a structured manner the participants gain insights about their Behavior. Going deeper they develop an understanding about their emotional footprint. They learn a very effective technique of understanding their emotions and then dealing with them. The participants will also be able to identify the core values that drive them.Meaningful exercises will enable them to achieve focus in their careers.

The learning Outcomes:

  • It enables the participants to have an emotional connection with others by understanding their Motivations, Ambitions and Life’s visions. The participants will develop the capacity to understand the Commitment and Competence levels with respect to assigned tasks. They will learn how to use a mix of Supportive and Directive behaviors to develop others for various tasks.
  • The participants will be able to conduct effective 1 on 1s with their team members. They will effectively diagnose the various reasons for nonperformance. They will be able to provide support required at various levels - personal and social. They will be able to create a culture of performance and accountability by providing appropriate support or imposing consequences for nonperformance in a fair and firm manner.


Leadership in the 21st Century: What distinguishes a great leader from merely good ones? It is not the IQ or the technical competence? You might picture someone who never lets his temper get out of control, no matter what problems He or She is facing. Or you might think of someone who has the complete trust of his or her staff, listens to her team, is easy to talk to, and always makes careful, informed decisions.

Learning Solution: The “Leading with Emotional Intelligence” workshop provides an insight into the Skills of Emotional Intelligence. A group of 5 skills that enables the leaders to maximize their own and their team’s performance. They will understand and use the 5 EI skills namely Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Social awareness, Relationship management and Empathy.

Learning Outcomes: The participants will be able to

  • Understand the 5 skills of Emotional Intelligence.
  • Identify and manage their own emotions
  • Enhance their proficiency in managing relationships and building networks by developing the ability to find common ground and build rapport
  • Have the ability understand the emotional make up of others and treat people according to their emotional reactions


Problem: Whether you’re taking over an existing team, launching a new one, or have been leading a group for a while, getting people to work together to produce excellent outcomes is not easy. Each team is different, and each poses a distinct set of challenges. In a result oriented world Team Leaders tend to focus mainly on tasks ignoring people who will be carrying out those tasks. As a result, team members don’t have good relationships with one another, the team won’t do decent work, People squabble. They won’t trust each other. They feel underappreciated, grumbling that others aren’t carrying their share of the load. They stop collaborating. Tempers flare and productivity grinds to a halt.

Learning Solution: The “Leading Teams” Workshop provides a highly effective model of Teamwork which enables the participants to understand the critical building blocks of a team. They will understand the evolution of a team through various stages of team formation. They will be able to explain tasks clearly, coordinate efforts, motivate people, resolve conflicts, give feedback, and develop skills. The participants will also be able to tackle the most critical dysfunctions of a team by building Trust, tackling conflict, holding team members accountable and paying attention to results.

Learning Outcomes: The participants will be able to

  • Manage the structure of a team
  • Define roles for team members, Build accountability process
  • Create a culture of Performance, support and accountability


Executive Presence – reality or a myth: The foundation of success in business (as well in personal life) is the ability to authentically engage and connect with others. People are drawn to and influenced by men and women who communicate authentically, connect easily with others and behave in a manner which inspires trust amongst others. Yet most of the managers at workplaces struggle to have a voice either for themselves or their teams. They still rely on conventional tools of influence such as power or authority or incentives, which don’t last for long.

Solution: The “Executive Presence” workshop provides the principles, tools and business skills training necessary to build executive presence. The participants will gain insight through a robust behavioral model about the components which enable them to make others comfortable, increase the confidence of others as the relationship progresses. The participants will be able to demonstrate their authentic value and distinction and connect with others in a positive manner. They will be able to generate and enhance their gravitas over time

Learning Outcomes: The participants will be able to

  • Understand the process of Executive Presence
  • Will be able to find their Signature Voice
  • Will be able to Enhance their Gravitas over time


Problem: India has made significant economic progress in recent decades, including increasing GDP. Such economic growth, however, has not been matched by progress towards women’s equal economic participation. The country’s female labour force participation rate (FLFPR) stands at just 27 percent, compared to 96 percent for men. Given the global average of 49 percent, women’s under-participation in the Indian workforce is evident.

Some critical factors are

  • The pervasiveness of entrenched patriarchal social norms that hinder women’s agency, mobility and freedom to work
  • Rising household incomes that create a disincentive for labour market participation among women
  • The lack of quality jobs for women reinforced by gendered occupational segregation and a significant gender wage gap.

Learning Solution: Women Leadership workshop is about Leveraging personal strengths, creating opportunities and Living a fulfilling life.

The “Inspiring Self, Driving Career, Integrating Work & Life” Workshop provides the principles, tools and business skills training necessary to enhance the self-awareness of participants. It helps participants understand their Behaviors, Emotions and Values. It will help participants in understanding various career stages. It also enables participants to be more resilient in the face of adversity. The participants will be able to have a greater Self-Management, build meaningful relationships with a diverse range of people. It will help female leaders to proactively manage challenging situations, Create and leverage support of stakeholders and live a fulfilling life.

Learning Outcomes: The participants will be able to

  • Leverage their unique strengths, Lead a value-based life
  • Will be able to interact with other with confidence and respect
  • Will be able to identify and create a support network of stakeholders
  • Will be able to plan their career in a manner where they will be in control of key professional and personal milestones
  • Will be able to manage their professional and personal life in an empowered manner